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About us

We are dedicated to serving you. To be the best you can be in your business or your carreer and in the accomplishment of your goals. As such we embrace this approach to being a more efficient, productive and entrepreneurial business to best serve you.

About me

"Senior Salesforce and Enterprise Technical Architect with 8+ years of experience on implementing Salesforce solutions. During that time, I’ve also started a new office for the company and grew it to the team of 9. I have 17 Salesforce Certifications under my belt. Participated in multiple big projects where my roles included managing relationships with business stakeholders, leading the team to deliver the project on time, within scope and with the highest quality, gathering business requirements and process analysis, solution design, development and testing of the developed solution as well as deployment and support of the solution.
I've also built internal teams as well as advised customers on how to build their teams to reach optimum performance."da